Picture a day – #204

What a high

What a high

Behold the spoils of the biggest Guns and Drugs Unit street level seizure in the unit’s history! Officers executed search warrants on Friday (the 21st) and held a media conference today to show off the results.

Police allegedly found 2.9 kg of cocaine worth $300,000 and 6kg of marijuana worth $60,000 in the operation.

I have to say, I’ve lived a pretty sheltered life so seeing this kind of contraband all laid out was a little weird…weird, but cool too. I couldn’t help being a little curious about it and since all of the experts were there it was a great opportunity to learn.

That’s the thing – I would never want to be involved in anything illegal (obvi), but I love covering things like this. Hence my love of court reporting and crime TV shows lol.

Like, take a look at this!

Press it up

Press it up

This is a commercial hydraulic press that officers seized. They say it was used to re-press the cocaine into bricks.

And these…

Double trouble

Double trouble

These metal squares were used to press a double diamond pattern on the bricks of cocaine. Officers say it’s a way of branding/identifying the drugs and where they came from.

Here’s the link to the story I wrote about it in case you’re interested in learning more about the case: http://www.am980.ca/2014/02/24/13491/

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