Picture a day – #145

I went for lunch with my friend today and when we came out of the restaurant, we found someone had parked ridiculously close to her car. We, being sensible people who know how to park, are the vehicle on the right. The crazy people who decided to squeeze into the spot next to us are […]

Picture a day – #142

I. Love. Christmas. Eve. Tonight has been especially good. Lots of fun conversations with family, tasty treats, gift exchange with my best buddy, watching White Christmas and of course, wrapping gifts into what I’m sure will be the wee hours of Christmas morning. Hope everyone has a great day tomorrow!

Picture a day – #141

Found this ollllld item yesterday at my parents’ house. It was my mum’s first cell phone haha. You know I may laugh at it, but the thing is absolutely more durable and likely more reliable than my BlackBerry. And, it has a super cool antenna.