Picture a day – #62

I was out and about tonight with my mum and as we travelled along our way we came upon this ridiculously large group of seagulls that was just hanging out flying around above a parking lot.

There must have been hundreds of these things just circling above what must have been their nesting place.

So of course, I tried to take pictures of the scene – it didn’t work so well. The seagulls came out pretty blurry, even when using the ISO setting.

Blurry birds

Blurry birds

Night flyers

Night flyers

High flying fowls

High flying fowls

Flying's for the birds

Flying’s for the birds

If you have any tips on how I could better shoot scenes like this, please send them my way. I only have a little point and shoot Canon Power Shot, so it’s sometimes hard to capture things the way I’d like to. I love the camera, but sometimes it – and my skill – are lacking.

Although, a wise pro photographer here in London named Mark Spowart (@markspowart17) once told me, “The best camera is the one you have with you.”


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