Picture a day – #58

Firstly, let me just say that taking pictures by yourself in a parking lot is a little weird. Ok, it’s A LOT weird.

I went over to White Oaks Mall after work tonight to pick up a few things I needed and noticed on my way in that the clouds looked really neat. So, I resolved that on my way out I’d try and snap a few shots.

You’re about to see how utterly unsuccessful I was in this endeavour…

Attempt the first:

Backlit beauties

Blurry backlit beauties

Even though I used my car to steady my arms for this shot it still turned out blurry. Most annoying.

That leads us to…

Attempt the second:

Happy little tree

Happy little tree

Still blurry, still annoyed. Now keep in mind, I’m taking these pictures in the parking lot – most likely looking like a lunatic.

Attempt the third:

Late night shoppers

Late night shoppers

The clouds looked pretty ominous hanging over the mall. Alas, my shots do not do them justice.

Sometimes, you have a grand vision for the pictures you’re going to take and then they just don’t work out.

Le sigh.


2 thoughts on “Picture a day – #58

  1. What strikes me is that you were out there, anyway. The results may not always end up as we had hoped, but what matters most is the fact that the effort is made in the first place. Long may you shoot, Jess. And I promise I’ll never laugh if I come across you shooting in a parking lot. Chances are I’ll be doing the same thing šŸ™‚

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