Picture a day – #40

Shine on

Shine on

I took this with my ISO setting tonight. I wish the moon had been a bit crisper and that I could have zoomed in more, but I still like the shot – especially the way the light of the moon highlights the clouds and the way the warmer lights of the buildings glow underneath.

Taking pictures of the moon reminds me of the astronomy class I took in first year at Western. I took the course to satisfy the lone science credit I needed for my Arts & Humanities undergrad degree. Essentially, it came down to astronomy or earth sciences (‘rocks for jocks’ as it was affectionately known) and I chose the moon, stars and planets over the earth.

I’m glad I opted for the astronomy course because it was actually really interesting. In the first term we were tasked with monitoring the moon every night. You had to keep a log of the shape, what time you checked it, your location and the weather conditions. No matter where I was I had to check that moon every night lol. The point of it was to learn the moon’s phases throughout the month and while I can’t say I remember what they all are now, I definitely did then! Plus it’s fun to look back on the memories now hehe.

Sweet dreams.

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