A little band called Hanson came to London…and they were amazing

It was a moment for a generation of 20 and 30-somethings…



Hanson, the adorable musical trio of brothers from the US came to London tonight to perform at the Western Fair and they were great! There was quite the crowd at the show – mind you it was mostly ladies around my age – all to hear the guys belt out their well-known hits and their new tunes too.

I have to say, those guys put on a good show. It was a thrill to see them perform considering what a place they have in many of our childhood memories. My best friend, who I went to the show with, was a Hanson MEGA FAN back in the day.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen her so excited as she was tonight. Her face was lit up like a little kid’s on Christmas morning – it was priceless!

I think one of the coolest parts of the night was when the band was singing their best known song Mmmbop and they let the crowd take over for a bit. There were hundreds of people singing the catchy chorus  in unison. It was neat to be a part of such an experience and know such a simple song has stuck with so many of us over a roughly 16-year span.

And you know what else? Their hair is still glorious.


Here’s a short video I took at the show 🙂


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