Picture a day – #58

Firstly, let me just say that taking pictures by yourself in a parking lot is a little weird. Ok, it’s A LOT weird. I went over to White Oaks Mall after work tonight to pick up a few things I needed and noticed on my way in that the clouds looked really neat. So, I […]

Picture a day – #56

This post is sorta cheating I guess. It’s a picture OF a picture…err a card. My parents got me this card ages ago for my birthday, but I loved it so much that I kept it up in my apartment. Anyone who knows me knows I love cute animals and all things funny so I […]

Picture a day – #54

The Kingsmill family has owned the store that bears their name for 148 years, and today the current president – and fifth generation keeper of the company – announced the downtown icon is up for sale. He’s preparing to retire and there’s no one else in their family that’s able to take the helm. It’s […]

Picture a day – #53

Soooo Sue Cleaver and Tony Hirst (aka Eileen Grimshaw and Paul Kershaw from Coronation Street) came to London! And my mum and I met them!!!! It looks a little grainy because I used my ISO setting – it was really the only option that worked because I didn’t want to use the flash and without […]