Picture a day – #12 / Thematic Photographic 256 – Downward

Another combined post, but it just worked out so nicely….

Bangles from above

Bangles from above





For more Thematic Photographic, click here.


9 thoughts on “Picture a day – #12 / Thematic Photographic 256 – Downward

  1. WOW! love this… the rings remind me of the Olympic rings….the lighting and color gives it so much warmth!. u take Carmi’s theme one step ahead!. 🙂

  2. Hi Jess, I just read Laurie & Colleen’s blog on the Camino. It brought back so many memories! I will admit that we did not last very many days (2) in municipal alberges! We reserved in pensions and private alberges most of the time. Please congratulate Laurie and Colleen, all pilgrims come home with a different perspective on life and even after 5 years I still think about the experience a lot!

    • I just spoke with Laurie last night and she said to extend the same congratulations back to you, Michèle! I know she still thinks about her time on the Camino as well – at one point she was thinking of doing it again, or at least part of it.

      • Thanks to Laurie, she should think about doing the part in France from Puy-en-Velay to St. Jean-Pied-de-Port. Very different experience, not necessarily better, just different.

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