Thematic Photographic 243: Chaotic

Once again, I’m late to the Thematic Photographic party! For shame :*(

This week’s theme is Chaotic and I pulled a picture that could be classified as recent-ish…


– What lies beneath

I took this shot on St. Patrick’s Day this year and as you can probably guess it’s of a mighty fine looking glass of beer that’s being attacked by some green food colouring.

I don’t really know if it qualifies as chaotic, but I like the movement of the dye – it’s swirling, spreading throughout the liquid, doing whatever it darn-well pleases.

I liked how I had no idea how the drops would disperse when I plopped them in the beer. The colour pattern was unpredictable and different in each glass.

I also enjoyed the iceberg effect that was going on – you know, how most of the action is going on beneath the surface. It reminds me that even though things can look calm on the surface, there can be complete chaos below. That works both in the case of people’s lives and say, the Titanic lol.

Anywho, that’s my contribution for this week. If you’d like to see some more submissions from some super talented people, head over to Carmi Levy’s original post by clicking here.


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